Heli Flight Line

Horizon Hobby Air Meet makes hobbyists the stars of the show.

The beauty of this event for RC Heli pilots is the wide open space provided to set up a pit area. All helicopter specialties are welcome from nitro, gas and electric thrill machines to ultra micro and Giant-Scale masterpieces. The wide open facility provided by the Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport allows us to set up a flying area specifically catered to the needs of an RC Helicopter pilot. The all-grass location (see site map) will include generous space for multiple flight box areas.

When the day is dawning or the sun is setting, calm conditions are great for ultra micro RC flying. If you have a micro or ultra micro-class helicopter, feel free to fly that in the helicopter only flight area, or feel free to take advantage of the ultra micro flight line set up for just that size of aircraft. The ultra micro flight line is open all day from Thursday through Sunday.

AC electric power will also be available. When you register as an RC participant, we can be better prepared to make your experience at Horizon Hobby Air Meet as enjoyable and successful as possible.

Heli Pilot Benefits

  • Join renowned RC experts from around the world
  • Exclusive 600 x 1,200-foot helicopter flight box
  • Overnight secure storage available
  • Private flying Thursday and Friday
  • Air show main event Saturday and Sunday
  • Saturday night flying
  • Private show participant banquet
  • Access to thousands of aviation fans
  • On-site exhibits, food and vendors
  • AC power available on site
  • Local accommodations available
  • $15 pre registration fee / $20 on-site registration fee
  • $25-35 Saturday dinner per person
Event Map

Dedicated 3D Flight Environment

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Stars of the Show

James Haley

Professional RC Helicopter Designer and National Level Competitor

James Haley

Professional RC Helicopter Designer and National Level Competitor.

Raised in the birthplace of modern aviation in Dayton, Ohio, James Haley has been flying RC since the age of 12. His fascination with helicopters has driven him to explore new technology by pushing both his piloting skills and his helicopters to the absolute limits. His self-motivation and dedication have enabled him to understand the complex engineering behind these incredible machines and take his abilities to a higher level. James is no stranger to competition and travels to events around the country. His participation in FAI at the national level has made him well known as an extremely capable pilot, earning him invitations to compete regularly at the Extreme Flight Championships, E-Fest Heli Smackdown, the Gaui Micro Cup and Blade Heli Invitational. His rare ability to finesse a helicopter shows not only how low his machine can go, but just how precisely it can get there. Now at age 23 he is a respected and valuable member of the Blade helicopter team with Horizon Hobby, where he has been the lead product developer on the groundbreaking BladeĀ® mCP X, 130 and 300 machines, as well as their #1 test pilot