Jet Flight Line

Horizon Hobby Air Meet makes hobbyist Air Show STARS!

The beauty of this event for RC jet pilots is the wide open space provided to set up a pit area. The beautiful airport runway is smooth and stretched out to offer you a comfortable and controlled environment to fly your pride and joy. And, of course, the New England atmosphere and countryside is like no other destination in the world.

The main flight line is for high-power, full-range electric and turbine-powered jet aircraft. Only during the noon-time air show will propeller-driven aircraft be permitted to fly in that area. When the day is dawning or the sun is setting, calm conditions are great for ultra micro RC flying. If you have a micro-class jet or airplane, please take advantage of the ultra micro flight line setup for models of just that size. The ultra micro flight line is open all day from Thursday through Sunday.

For your convenience, turbine fuel will be available on site. When you register as an RC participant, we can be better prepared to make your experience at Horizon Hobby Air Meet as enjoyable and successful as possible.

Jet Pilot Benefits

  • Join renowned RC experts from around the world
  • Jet fuel available on site
  • Overnight secure storage available
  • Exclusive 100 x 2,500-foot paved runway with 1,500-foot ceiling
  • Private flying Thursday and Friday
  • Main air show event Saturday and Sunday
  • Saturday night flying
  • Private show participant party and awards
  • Access to thousands of aviation fans
  • On-site exhibits, food and vendors
  • AC power available on site
  • Local Accommodations available
  • $50 pre registration fee / $75 on-site registration fee
  • $25-35 Saturday dinner per person
Event Map

Wide-Open Flying Space

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Stars of the Show

Peter Goldsmith

Australian National Champion,
US Masters and Freestyle Champion

Peter Goldsmith

Australian National Champion, US Masters and Freestyle Champion

Peter Goldsmith was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and began flying radio control at eleven years old. He still remembers his first radio transmitter called a "Bionic Baby," a two-channel dry cell system that his mother bought for him in Singapore. Young Pete had two weeks before his mother arrived home with the new radio, so he put that time to good use and designed and built his first RC aircraft. Growing up, Peter says, he would design and build his own planes out of necessity. So, from the very beginning, he was a designer. Peter's first love in RC has been sailplanes and soaring. He loved doing aerobatics with them, and through an evolution of events decided to try F3A. His first contest was in 1978. Peter competed on an Australian national level in pattern up until he came to the U.S. in 2000, and was the Australian National Champ from '95 until 2000. During that time he was also a member of the Australian National team for the World Championship, making the finals in three of the five Worlds and was awarded Oceanic Champion three times. In Scale Aerobatics, Pete has multiple top-level performances at the Masters and won it in '01. He has placed second in the AMA Nationals three times and won the Freestyle National Championship in '02. Peter competed in the Tournament of Champions from 1992 until its end in '02. He is currently the Field Marketing Manager for Horizon Hobby and continues to compete at the very top level.

Ali Machinchy

World Class RC Expert and Air Show Performer,
1st Place Top Gun Pilot

Ali Machinchy

World Class RC Expert and Air Show Performer.

You could say that radio control is in his blood. Ali and most of his distinguished family are involved in the hobby and play a large role in their successful Great Britain-based business, Al's Hobbies. Ali's official title in the business is Director and Jet Centre Manager; however, Ali is most often seen and better known in the field as a Display Pilot. A showman through and through, Ali can fly anything with wings or a scale model from any era (whether it has a motor or not) and have you totally captivated and convinced that small model you're watching is the very real thing. Of course, Ali is also about showing you all the advantages models have over their larger brethren, so don't be surprised if you see a jet or a high-wing pleasure cruiser flying inverted or hovering only inches from the ground – totally out of scale, but totally in control. Yes, Ali is just that good of a pilot. Traveling around the globe has earned him quite a celebrity status. Backing up that acclaim is his most recent win at the prestigious Top Gun Invitational Tournament, where he flew Graeme Mears' stunning T-33 to first place in Team Scale this year. Ali also has a fine line of instructional DVDs available on the jet pilot phenomena.

David Payne

A third-generation modeler, all-around jet expert and professional RC product developer

David Payne

A third-generation modeler, all-around jet expert and professional RC product developer.

David is a third-generation modeler who is the son of an Army pilot and the grandson of an Air Force pilot, both of whom were avid RC enthusiasts. As a result, David expresses a great passion for the hobby as well as other aviation aspects. He began flying models at the age of 5 and enjoys everything from free-flight to turbine jets. A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, David left his job as a full-time fire fighter to pursue his dream career at Horizon Hobby® headquarters in Champaign, Illinois. His professional achievement award list includes recognition for product design—some of which were named best product by leading publishers. A number of those designs include milestones that have advanced the size and performance of Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) jets. Most recently, he played a key role in the development of groundbreaking SAFE™ technology acclaimed to help make RC flight easier than ever to enjoy. David participates and has placed at the Top Gun international scale competition and spends most of his off time flying turbine powered jets and giant-scale airplanes at events and competitions around the world.

Seth Arnold

Current XFC Airplane Champion, E-TOC Champion and US Nationals Champion

Seth Arnold

Current XFC Airplane Champion and Multi-Time U.S. Nationals Champion.

Seth Arnold is a 21 year-old RC aerobatics specialist with an impressive list of national and invitational championship titles to his credit. Originally from New Holland, Ohio, Seth moved to Champaign, Illinois, in 2010 to work for Horizon Hobby as a Product Developer – the youngest ever recruited for the air category. It all started 10years earlier when his stepmother gave his father an airplane and learned to fly at 1st U.S. R/C Flight School. Dad immediately taught Seth to fly RC, and ever since Seth has been fascinated with aerobatics. His most recent achievements include two consecutive wins in the airplane category at the 2011 and 2014 Extreme Flight Championships invitational. He took second place at the 2009 XFC after winning the Electric-Tournament of Champions invitational event for indoor aerobatics. Seth has also been a U.S. IMAC National Champion and a National IMAC Freestyle Champion. Prior to those events he was the runner-up on multiple occasions at the Tucson Aerobatic Shootout and Clover Creek Invitational. All-in-all, he's claimed over 30 wins, and his list of credentials just keeps growing. But Seth has fun with everything RC has to offer from hardcore helicopter flying to the smooth and precise flying pattern aerobatics has to offer. "Have fun!" is his motto and if you asked what his favorite part about the hobby is he'll say, "I love flying and everything about it!"

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